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Kathrin K
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27 Jul 2014

Our two remaining challenges are drawing closer, and we are getting more pro by the day… Well, at least our bikes: we had them professionally fitted last week. A little indulgence at first glance, but actually the best idea in a long time. What an incredible difference a few adjustments and tweaks can make! Turns out that my sitting position was all wrong - too low, too close to the handle bar, which in turn was not high enough. Bernie's was the opposite, both seat and handle bar were too high. Neither of us had a comfortable, ergonomic position or was making good use of the (in my case politely assumed) strength of their legs. I really had no idea how much science is behind supposedly simple things like sitting properly on a bike and pedalling effectively. Now I do, and I’m very impressed. Our bikes were measured to the dot with laser beams, and we both got laser body scans to calculate the optimal positions. Even our shoes and foot plates got a full make-over. Very cool. Best of all: it seriously makes a difference. The new position instantly felt much more stable, comfortable and healthier. I even managed a much higher average speed on my usual lap, magically with less effort. Yay! Move over Nibali and Co - here come Team Pop on their flying bikes! 

A huge thank you to the team of the bike lab here in Munich. They offered to fit two-for-one when they heard why we cycle. Very, very generous indeed. Thank you! Our backs and bums will forever be grateful.  http://www.radlabor.de/en/service/



Great blog guys!

Makes me think that I should probably do something similar as I'm pretty sure I'm not anywhere near as efficient in my technique/position as a I should be. I also like the sound of an average higher speed with less effort!!

Glad to hear the training's going well - keep up the good work and see you on 31st!

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