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Late entrant into Blenheim Tri may fit the 'bill' we'll have to 'wade' and see!

Andrew L
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24 May 2014

Hi all.
I've given out a fair bit of information and advice recently, but an email I received yesterday from 'anonymous' really got me thinking!
He's new to triathlon but wants a training program so he's ready for Blenheim in 2 weeks time. Being a bit concerned I phone him today to discuss things.
He wouldn't tell me his name but said his friends thought he was quackers to do a tri. He told them he wanted to get his beak into a challenge and raise loads of money for a good cause.
I asked him about his swimming ability and he said that was not a problem, having taken to it like a duck to water from an early age. He said he relied heavily on a strong kick and was super slippy in the water thanks to his rubber skin (I think he meant wetsuit!), but suffered from severe bobbing about in choppy water.
He did have concerns about riding a bike telling me he felt vulnerable, 'like a sitting duck' I think his words were. But once he gets his ducks in a row (his nephews apparently - Huey, Dewey, Louis & Phooey) there could be some serious drafting going on!
The run will also be difficult, as his style is more waddle than run, but he's confident his insect larvae flavour gels will get him though.
But, he said, 'I will fly through the transitions!'
He will be a stand out character in his all red LLR body tri skin suit (thought they'd been banned!), but I think the race day referees will have a job on their hands with this one!!
Andy :-)



Hi Andy, I'm not sure who sent the email you talk of. The bozo in question sounds like an imposter. I was busy in Chinatown over the weekend and haven't had access to emails since I left China. 

Anyway, despite the onset of some serious quacktic acid, my training has been going ok so far. Pat Lawley took me out for some proper triathlon training yesterday and I tried my wing at a bit of cycling and running. I'm awful at both to be completely honest with you (I won't be flying through any transitions). I can only fit on one pedal whilst cycling and my running technique is abysmal. My friend Honest Nigel from China basically described me as the running version of Eddie the Eel. I look nothing like an eel so I don't really know what he's talking about. 

I found all your duck puns very amusing but I thought I better inform you that my nephews are called Graham, Phil, Roger and Denise. They'd be angry at me if I didn't let you know.

I really hope the training is going well. Maybe we can meet during the weekend for a beer? We can compare times.

All the best,

Blenheim Duck


Such a tweet to read all these duck related puns. You two sound like you really are birds of a feather. 


Doesn't sound like he's one to duck the challenge! He's quackers, that's for sure but I don't think he's going to quail under your stewardship, Andy.

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