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The latest update

Moss J
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18 Jul 2015

Well after 2 glorious weeks at home Birmingham decided I neeeded a little 'top up' of chemo as there had been too long between FLAG IDA and my set transplant date. I had a bone marrow which showed full remission and bone marrow producing lots of healthy cells. I have to say I struggled with the chemo idea- why? I'm home, happy, no traces of leukaemia and my poor cells which took 3 months to recover are going to get hammered again! I also knew it would mean going neutropenic again and another hospital stay which was NOT on my plan! 

However the sensible part of my brain knew that the docs know best so I had 6 doses cytarabine finishing last Tuesday and was re admitted Thursday. im not afraid to admit I cried all morning, I just didn't want to be here! Then the phone call.....

Its birmingham, they have bought the transplant date forward and want me in August 10th! Brilliant happy cheer me up news but the pressure is on- I neeed to spend at least a week at home pre-transplant so the docs (after a tiny bit of nagging!) started me on the lenograstim injections straight away to aid my cell recovery.0.3 was my neutrophil count yesterday, Wouldn't it be fab if the gcfs stopped them dropping and got them back up by next week? Lol wishful thinking. 

Anyway here's hoping I get recovery within those magic 14 days and get that time at home. In the meantime it's back to too much tv and cheese sarnies and slop- sorry, typo I of course mean soup, every day! 



Thanks for the update Josie.

I'm so glad that you got some time to spend some time at home as I know that being away from your family was really getting you down. It's a shame that you have to go back on the chemo - it's always tough when you know that they have to essentially make you sicker to get you better - but as you identified in the bigger picture it's a good thing.

I've got everything crossed that you make that speedy recovery that you're craving and wish you all the best ahead of the transplant. We're all behind you every step of the way!


Thanks Andy, 

i had 3 weeks at home which was wonderful. hopefully as they started me on the GCFS the day I was re admitted my counts should pick up enough to give me at least a week at home before the transplant. I had the radiotherapy assessment yesterday so it's definately all systems go! 

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