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LEJOG: The Only Way Is Essex

Andrew J
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27 Jun 2014

I learned a few things from this week’s ride with the boys:

* Organise more rides to start 5 minutes away from my house so that I don’t add to my lateness accumulator.

* In the East, London very quickly disappears and countryside starts (albeit Essex countryside, but hey ho, beggars can’t be choosers…).

We set out on a shorter-than-usual ride in the glorious sunshine of a spring day at 10am.

Our first stop was at 10.02 to confirm that we shouldn’t do a u-turn and should, in fact, continue straight for a bit.

Our second stop, at 10.05, was to confirm that we should do a u-turn and then take the left at the roundabout.

This was our first foray into Mark II of navigation technology, the Garmin Edge Touring (Mark I being the trusty iPhone, sellotape and breeze block sized battery pack solution). According to Garmin, the Edge Touring gives you “the freedom to know you can find your way”. 

It didn’t. It mostly gave us comedy moments of route checking on an iPhone to validate the Garmin’s directions/usefulness. The new piece of kit reminded of a quote in a Sunday newspaper on Joe Kinnear being appointed as Newcastle’s Director of Football, “if Joe Kinnear is the answer, then I don’t know what the question is”. To be fair though, we’re now so used to Google Maps that a new, slightly crappier looking mapping interface on a unit smaller than a phone was going to take a bit of time to get used to, so I’m looking forwards to better times ahead, especially on the unknown roads of LEJOG. I also have solid, first-hand experience of technology fail / user error from my recent GoPro adventures on the ski slopes, so I won’t give Jacko too much abuse. Although the Garmin has now been dubbed “the new GoPro” by Rich, which makes it obvious that he can see the value add potential.

34 miles later, via some lovely roads through Epping Forest in the unseasonably warm weather, we were outside a pub with a beer in hand, confirming that we had, in fact, only ridden 24 miles and had missed the 10 mile loop at the top of Epping Forest (we had been following the blue line though!). We embraced the sunshine and beer and made our way back to mine for some roast beef and homebrew. As I’m writing this the day after, I can confirm that the homebrew was a solid first batch.

Running totals

Miles: 127
Punctures: 1
Times Chris has been late: 2 (63 minutes)


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Great blog as usual Andrew!

Loving the photos and the update - sounds like punctures and wrong turns aside it's all going really well. Keep up the good work!

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