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LEJOG: Quick Update

Dom G
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28 Aug 2012

Hi folks

Sorry I didn't blog last night. My room in Dursley didn't have the internet so I couldn't. Yesterday was horrible. 120 miles into a brutal headwind and rain, and I crashed after an incident with a lorry, some loose stones and a grid. On the plus side though, my tumble was pretty hollywood. I'll blog properly about yesterday and today later, but right now I've stopped for lunch in Bridgnorth, 10 miles south of Telford. 70 miles done today amd about 40 left. 

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Just wanted to let you know that, dodgy hip aside, I'm alright. And to thank you all for your incredible support, which has come in so many different ways but has the same result - keeping me on the road.  Looking forward to seeing my brother later.

One more thing. Something I have learned on this journey so far is how many people have been affected by blood cancer in some way, or just generally how much compassion there is out there. The hotel porter in St Ives who had lost his son to Leukaemia and got up two hours early to make sure I had breakfast. The taxi driver (to Land's End I hasten to add) who waived the fare because he knew what it felt like to lose a mate, or the guy who stopped to help me fix my second puncture because he saw my LLR jersey. I sometimes despair at how selfish we can all be, and I am no exception. But there is a lot of good out there - good for its own sake, not because people think they'll get something in return. It's nice to be reminded of that, and I'm going to learn the little bits I can so it can ripple into Leading Light. 

Keep her steady this afternoon. 




Oh Dom, 

You really are a lovely lad.  You have the heart of a giant and the smile of an angel.  What you are doing is nothing short of miraculous.  No wonder people respond to you the way they do.  I do enjoy reading your blog.  Your enthusiasm knows no bounds despite the punctures, rain, wind etc.,  


Big hug





I whole-heartedly agree with Eilish. Love reading the blog too.


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