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Let The Blogging Begin

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23 Mar 2014

FundRaisingFunzies plans to raise £1000 this year that'll go towards Beating Blood Cancer. And this is where you can see how we do it step by step :D

So by 2pm today both me (Paul) & Ian had eaten a sandwich that should have never been consumed by anyone! (!Don't try the following!)

But the day started like any other...

We (FundRaisingFunzies) still needed to raise £995 of our £1,000 fundraising target, and I had already claimed in a video  that we would raise £250 of that money using Pledgeit! and I said we were gonna make one amazing PledgeIt video with links to 10 different challenges on it!!

I decided that today was as good as any other day to start completing them challenges, so I asked Ian if he wanted to help. He said he would and it was decided the Toothpaste Sandwich Challenge was the one that me and Ian would complete today! 

So 4 slices of bread, 3 tubes of various toothpastes and 2 glasses of smooth orange juice later, a challenge that we both had assumed would be quite easy, soon revealed itself to be one of the hardest and most RANK challenges i had ever done!!! It was also the first one Ian had done for FundRaisingFunzies and I am so glad he chose this one to take part in :P. 

At the beggining of the challenge it was all a bit of a laugh seeing each other's faces as we realised we'd let ourselves in for possibly a bit more than we could handle, it was also quite ammusing watching Ians face as he drunk some orange juice to wash the sandwich down "it kind of burns on the way down" I seem to recall him saying :P 

But after the first 7 or 8 minutes the serious faces were on and the focus turned to trying to hold the sandwich down, it seemed I had literally bitten off more than I could chew on several occasions! 

But anyway guys, the good news is it was all filmed and I really think it'll make a good video once it's all edited :D so, like I said, we're planning on posting an insanely good MEGA Pledgeit video once all the challenges have been done, this should be at the latest September, but until then please keep reading this blog as we'll soon be posting some teaser videos of the challenges! and also please if you have a good idea for a challenge we should try to complete let us know, send us a message or leave your idea in a comment on the Facebook page or the YouTube channel and together we will all do our bit to BEAT BLOOD CANCER :D

Thanks Guys 

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You guys are mad in the best possible way. I love your enthusiasm for such strange, difficult and ultimately entertaining challenges! Good luck with it :) Look forward to the other challenges.

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