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Lets start at the begining...

Stuart M
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12 May 2014

So a little over 12 months ago I was a right lard arse. The exercise was non existant and the portions were generous. Previous health kicks had tended to be short and unsuccessful. I wanted to change but could not stick at it. I'd kind of accepted that this was who I was now.

So one afternoon I decided to buy a bicycle. I ordered it off the internet, and kept it cheap. After all, if it turned out to be a dud idea I didn't want to have blown too much cash. So I went ahead and bought a bicycle in the worst possible way.

On the other hand I thought, I loved cycling as a kid. I no longer owned a car and it would be a great way of getting about. The mobility side of owning it seemed more important than the fitness side.

So, I get the email to say it was ready. I walk the half mile to Halfords to collect. I have two choices, either push it or cycle home. Ihaven't ridden a bicycle in perhaps 15 years and I'm seriously out of shape.

I cycle it home. Half a mile. I'm knackered and sweaty. I'm pretty ashamed of myself.

But it's a minor accomplishment. I decide to persevere. The dud idea would turn out to be inspired.



It's a start at least Stuart! Good for you for getting out there on the bike and giving it a go - it's more than I've done so far!! What distance have you signed up for?


Hi Andy, I've signed up for the 52 miles. Should be enough of a challenge for me!

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