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Letter to my cancer- Dear cancer, please let me go!

Lindsey D
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08 Jun 2015

Dear cancer,

You’re almost 4 years in my life now. Before, I would have said, an Olmpic cylce. I’m still saying it. But it’s so much more…

I have to admit, I haven’t been a good hostess to you. But let me be clear, I never will!

It’s an exhausting war. For both of us! And let me be honest, you’re one of the best go-getters! But so am I. So you’re never going to win. Never!
Normally, I’m a quite gentle person, trying to be tolerant.
But not for you. I’m sorry.

You and I, it’s never going to work. There will never be an ‘us’!
The only thing we do, is making each other sad. Unhappy. We only weaken each other.
But there’s one big difference between us! You’re on your own. While I’m luckily having a lot of helpers and devices to put in!
So, withdraw from the battle, leave the battlefield! And stay away! So we can both lick our wounds.

I could hate you, but I don’t. These are such a negative feelings anyway.
Besides, you’ve also taught me a lot. And for that, I’m very grateful. But that’s it. Nothing more.
You’re disgusting! And that’s not going to chance! I will continue to fight you, with everything I have.
So, do yourself a favor. and make it a little bit more easy for the both of us. Just for once.
Let me go.

Go away! Let me free! There’s no space for you in me. It’s time you realize!

So let me go.

Author: Weglopen is geen optie ( Not yet translated - Running away isn’t an option)
Picture: Diego Franssens






Thank you so much for sharing this! Really, really emotive and very powerful.

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