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Paul Lockyer
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16 Dec 2015

L.... E.... U.... The L to A of life....

Lucky is how l would describe my diagnosis! Lucky to be here to tell my tale & Lucky to have had the support of all the doctors, nurses & family along the way. 

Each day l wake up is dedicated to the people l have met on the way & particularly those that haven't been so lucky.   

Under no circumstances do l go to the hospital un-shaven The Doctor advised me to always present myself so l look like l want help/treatment. 

Keeping a diary/record of how l feel day to day paying attention to my physical condition & any changes to my body/skin.

A current list of meds including doses/frequency is very important l never leave home with out one, l also carry a separate wallet with details of my original diagnosis, BMT & blood type should the need arise.

Eventually one day l hope things will be kinda "normal" & l might even be able think about returning to work for real, seriously though this is a long haul without any short cuts but l am ready for it.

Maudlin NEVER EVER feel maudlin! Happiness & laughter !!! is the best medicine there is. As you can see from my blog l like a good lark about !

I never allowed anyone to search the internet re T Cell Leukaemia, it was the hand l had been dealt, however l do make the most of the internet to help me cope with life post Bone Marrow Transplant.

After-effects from the transplant such as fatigue, aching muscles & limbs, rashes are just a few of symptoms of GvHD, if there are 100 different types l have probably had 99 The other one l will never get, & will leave you to search the internet to work that one out !

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