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Leukaemia & Lymphoma research celebrated at No10 Downing Street

Mil Vukovic-Smart
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24 Sep 2014

Last night we were honoured by a reception hosted by Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing Street to celebrate the role of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research in improving survival rates for childhood leukaemia, and to highlight the research the charity is doing into less toxic cancer treatments for children.

Mrs Cameron spent time talking to children and families affected by blood cancer, clinicians, researchers, our loyal supporters and potential new donors, at the event held as part of September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Joe Smale silenced the room with his understated delivery of his own experiences of leukaemia and Charlie Metcalfe (our Trustee) underlined that “Treatment for childhood leukaemia has come a long way in terms of improving survival rates. Now, nine in 10 children will survive this cancer, but treatment is gruelling, can last up to three years, and the chemotherapy can leave some children with long-term side effects as a result of their treatment.” He also issued a call to action to our supporters and potential new donors to join us in the campaign to raise money for the research and clinical trials needed to ensure that every child diagnosed with a blood cancer not only survives, but is free to live their life to the full, both during and after treatment. 

To tell our story and what we need to do to achieve 100% survival for blood cancer patients we also produced a booklet titled Free to Be, that was launched at the event. It explains next steps and how anyone interested to support this work could get involved.

We are incredibly grateful to Mrs Cameron for inviting us to Downing Street, and listening to our patients’ stories. It was a very special and memorable evening for us all.

Download our Free to Be booklet



What a fantastic picture!

So glad that the event was such a success and delighted that children and families directly affected were able to get up and have their say as they are the people that really know just how important the need to improve treatments really is.

I think that we should be proud of driving forward such a campaign and for all the incredible work that we've already done and continue to do in beating blood cancer. We are beating blooding cancer on a daily basis and one day soon we will beat it for good.


Great to hear and the fact these brave inspirational children get to share their stories ;0)