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From leukaemia to lyrics: how music helps me cope with CML

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19 Sep 2019

When Scott was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia, he didn’t realise just how much his life would change. On World CML Day, he tells us how he’s dealing with his ‘new normal’ through humour and his passion for rap music

I felt like I never really had a story to rap about until now.

My chronic myeloid leukaemia diagnosis gave me a reason to purse my love of rap. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed but after I was diagnosed it became a way for me to stay focused and positive. I really enjoy writing the words down and it’s a good way to spread awareness about my blood cancer and how I live my life. Rapping about leukaemia might sound odd to some people, but I hope to motivate and inspire others with a similar experience. I believe music really connects people.

We all have a story to tell, you’ve just got to find a way to tell it. Rap music is mine.

Rapping about my diagnosis can be tough at times

It takes a lot of time to write music. Sometimes I will just sit for hours and can be easily distracted, thinking too much about my illness, especially if my bone pain is bad. But It’s always very rewarding when people tell me how inspiring they find my music. I get an extra special buzz if I hear positive comments from another young person with blood cancer. It’s an amazing feeling and it only motivates me more.

I've always had a bit of a cheeky personality and I kind of joked off my diagnosis, now I understand how serious it is and just how much it’s changed my life 

Having CML has really changed my attitude towards life. I think about everything differently now and my normal life has gone. I’m more aware of my health and I appreciate things a lot more than before. I’m grateful for each day and still manage to joke and laugh about as much as I can.

Apart from taking a pill every day and having regular check-ups, I live a pretty normal life. I recently got married and my wife has been amazing and supportive. She is the main reason I’m so positive. When things get tough, we use humour to handle it.

What's my motto in life?

To laugh as much as you can every day and experience as much as life has to offer

Try your best to stay positive and never focus on the bad things. Stay strong, keep yourself fit and laugh every day. Don’t overthink things because there are very good doctors out there and medication today is amazing. Being young and having cancer is hard but with the right mindset you can overcome it and stay positive.

You can follow Scott here on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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