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The lie and worry

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07 Jul 2015

Sowe went on holiday and i felt ill the whole time, Chloe wanted to come home everyday- but we managed to have a nice time - When we returned I saw the midwife and had a my 14 week scan booked for Sept - yep - the day after the GNR - as with Chloe we told nobody I was pregnant until after the scans not even parents.

On the day of the GNR we hid!! I ignored phone calls regarding how well I had done - then at 9am the next day I had a scan - everything seemed normal - so we told everyone that I catually hadn't done the GNR (I Deferred - surely I couldnt be pregnant the next year?) I was infact pregnant.

A few days later we had a call to go back to th hospital something was not right with me blood and I was at high risk of having a child with downs. We went through more agnoisng tests - that I found harder to deal with than St.John's cancer!! - everything turned out ok - phew finally a bit of look - St.John's blood were still ok and he was now having yearly check ups



So relieved to hear that everything was ok with the baby Victoria! After everything you'd been through already with St. John's cancer that must have been so hard emotionally. As you say, you were due a bit of luck!

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