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Live it for Lee

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26 Feb 2016

Lee with his mum Elizabeth-AnneOur son, our world

Our son, Lee Jamieson, was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, and just 12 when we were transferred from the Schiehallion Ward at Yorkhill Hospital to Robin House in Balloch, where Lee finally fell asleep on 24 August 2014.

Lee had the very best of care at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Glasgow during the nine months of his illness, but when this rare blood cancer breaks through the medicine Lee was receiving there is nothing yet that can stop it.

That’s why all of our fundraising will go towards scientific research on Lee’s case and others like it.

Lee with his school friends when he was being treated for Burkitt lymphoma, a type of blood cancerGreat support from Bloodwise

On coming home without Lee, I called Bloodwise in London to ask how we could support their research, to help try and stop other families from finding themselves in the same position as us.

The lady I spoke to on the phone couldn’t have been more accommodating, more sympathetic or more helpful.

Within a very short time I found myself having the most incredible conversation with a scientist working specifically on Lee’s type of case: Professor Michelle West studies the Epstein Barr virus and its link with Burkitt lymphoma, and she works closely with the team developing vaccinations against it.

She also said that as scientists working in their labs they don’t normally have such contact with parents, and she felt my email to her was a sign that she had to keep going with this research. 

Neither of us would have had this conversation if it hadn’t been for Bloodwise. 

Fundraising to beat blood cancer in memory of Lee, who died from Burkitt lymphoma*Live it for Lee*

This adorable, fun-loving, outgoing boy of ours continues to inspire all that we know, and hundreds that we don’t. With Lee’s friends all around us, we wanted to find something positive for them to focus on, and to support and encourage these amazing young people who have gone through the worst possible experiences with us, to talk about Lee, to laugh, and to cry ~ and to watch them grow alongside us, as we *Live it for Lee* together. 

We’ve had sponsored walks and runs, 10ks and half marathons, car shows and climbed mountains, had sponsored haircuts and headshaves, football tournaments, go kart races, bag packs, parties and gigs, ladies lunches, and even a Ball!

And at the end of our first year of fundraising for *Live it for Lee* ~ we donated over £65,000 to Lee’s Tribute Fund at Bloodwise ~ every penny taking us One Step Closer to Beating Blood Cancers.

Lee’s Tribute Fund

It’s so important to us that the people around us know exactly how their money helps when they make a donation to *Live it for Lee*.  So to accommodate our needs, Bloodwise set up our very own Tribute Fund in memory of Lee, where every penny that we raise will be directed solely into the grant-funded project that Professor West and her team are working on for us, via Bloodwise.

We just make the donations, and Bloodwise take care of the admin. We can ask for our total raised after they have worked out the Gift Aid, and we share these updated figures at our *Live it for Lee* events. 

Fundraising to beat blood cancer in memory of Lee, who died from Burkitt lymphomaIt’s with huge thanks to Bloodwise and to the scientists that we have met, that our fundraising couldn’t be any more personal, and with that, I have peace of mind, and a nice feeling in my heart, that we’re doing all we can for our beautiful boy, and that as promised to everyone who supports us, every penny we raise in Lee’s name will take us all one step closer to beating blood cancer.


If you’d like to speak to one of our Give in memory team, you can email Yvonne or call us on 0131 524 1323.

Find out more about how you can give in memory of a loved one, including our new fundraising pages >


Aileen Lamb

Elizabeth-Anne its wonderful to read about the truly amazing work you are doing with Bloodwise in memory of your beautiful boy Lee. Nothing will ever fill the hole he's left in your life but your efforts are such a brilliant tribute.

I'm recovering from a stem cell transplant following an AML diagnosis and am truly thankful to everyone like you that's helped Bloodwise raise the funding that they need to carry our life saving research into all blood cancers.

One day we will beat them all! xx

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