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Living alone with MDS

Anthony Abel
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19 Mar 2015

I finished my third cycle of Azectidine on Tuesday and the fatigue hit me for the first time. I felt as if I was wading through mud, I feel less tired now thank goodness.

Thank you all for your messages of support, really encouraged me to fight on. It's difficult to relate to anyone other than fellow sufferers about the feelings that I'm going through at this time. Living alone doesn't help either when dark thoughts start creeping in...

I shall be glad when the warmer weather gets here, although I still continue to walk about 4 miles a day to keep fit.

At the moment my life seems to revolve around the hospital visits, but hopefully my social life will improve

I must admit I still can't believe this is happening to me, but I dare say we all feel like that at the beginning and I am certainly not going to roll over and wallow in self pity( maybe just a little now and then)

I am determined to fight on and beat the statistics.



Thanks so much for the update Anthony. 

I'm glad that others messages and encouragement have given you a boost and I think you've adopted a really great attitude towards everything so far.

You will have ups and downs along the way and you wouldn't be human if you didn't worry from time to time. However you're not alone and support and help is out there for you should you wish to pursue it. I'd really recommend asking your consultant about access to a support nurse who you can speak to when you're feeling down while the Macmillan helpline is also extremely useful.

We're also here, of course, to help in any way that we can as are the wider blood cancer community. Stay in touch and all the best going forwards.


Thanks Andy,
I have used Macmillan support in the past and even the Samaritans, both were a great help.
I feel ok at the moment, the fear never goes away but I know there is someone to help if the need arises.

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