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Living alone with MDS

Anthony Abel
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08 Apr 2016

Still winning the battle

I've just completed cycle 17 of Azacitidine and my haematologist is happy with my blood results and my condition is still stable, long may it be so.

I have been invited to join a focus group with three other chemo patients, representatives from nursing staff, pharmacy and aseptic departments to discuss how patient care and support can be improved.

A great step forward I think and a positive move on behalf of the hospital.

The first meeting is on 19th of April.

Watch this space for updates


Eleanor Baggley

What a positive update, thank you for sharing Anthony. I hope the focus group goes well - it sounds like an excellent thing for hospitals to do and I look forward to hearing more about it. Best wishes, Eleanor

Lizzie Goates

Looking forward to reading your updates Anthony! This is a really positive step forward, we hope you continue to stay stable and enjoy being part of the focus group! I am sure you will share some excellent ideas and help the hospital shape the way they support and care for all patients. Take care Lizzie   


Last week was my 2nd Azacitidine birthday!!

2 years of successful treatment, still hoping for many more.

Anthony Abel

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