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Living with CLL

Janet C
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16 May 2016

After being diagnosed with CLL on the 19th of May 2014 I was devastated, especially after my Mum passed from CLL at the relatively young age of 63.

When you receive news like this your head is in a spin, telling your family is the worst, and you really do not know which way to turn. I thought I would make a diary, I felt by doing this it would be therapeutic, but in reality all of my thoughts and energies were focused on writing in it each day. So after a while I stopped writing in my diary, and instead I wanted to concentrate my efforts on basically enjoying "life".

I have travelled a lot and have visited some amazing places, most of which has been the USA, so in May 2015, after a period in Hospital for something which was unrelated to the leukaemia, another amazing trip happened. My husband and I and a couple of friends of ours visited the USA, visiting Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis and New Orleans and Graceland which was incredible! All in all we had an amazing time.

I have attended a focus support group in Oxford in 2015, where it was good to meet others who are going through similar to yourself, you get to understand that you are not alone. I love to cook, and generally I love eating, food is a great love of mine. I feel if you can focus your thoughts on the "positive" things this will give you a great feeling of fulfillment. 

So after being on Watch and Wait for two years since my diagnosis I still feel positive even though I've now started treatment. So today the sun is shining, and I hope my blog helps others who are going through similar, whether you have just been diagnosed or whether you are receiving treatment. The love of life keeps me going, thank you for reading this blog.

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