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LLR celebrates Unstoppable award winners

Shaun F
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01 Feb 2013

After seeing first-hand the contributions of everybody on the sports team in preparing the Unstoppables Awards Party, I wasn’t surprised in the slightest to see the evening turn out to be a fantastic one as LLR took over Haberdasher’s Hall this past Wednesday evening.

The team left no stone unturned in ensuring that the winners were highlighted and recognised in the best possible manner. Boards with the winners and their stories were strewn throughout the function room, providing the other guests the opportunity to read about them and their inspirational achievements and they worked so well.

The video produced to highlight the Pedal for Petrov cycle was heart-warming and there was complete silence as it played, with everybody taking it in. The speeches were light, motivational and sympathetic, which was just what was required on the night.

To see such hard-work and application be rewarded for the staff, the people in attendance, and of course the worthy award winners was great.

It was my first time being a part of such an evening and I have to say it was rewarding to say the least.

Being surrounded by such amazing people and hearing the recognition and gasps when winners’ stories were being read out and the totals they had raised was a special moment.

Speaking with people who have incredible stories to tell after the ceremony was a personal highlight. Hearing them tell me of their personal experiences and of their plans and intentions for fundraising in 2013 was incredible.

There was a lot of mutual admiration between fundraisers as a few of them sought the other winners and remarked how they’d love to fundraise with them as they were truly inspired by their particular story. It brought people together and it laid the foundations for 2013’s fundraising totals to be even bigger and better.

Read more about the Unstoppable Sports Awards.

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