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LLR staff take a walk on the wild side for charity Onesie Day

Andy Jackson
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20 May 2014

Last Friday we came into the office in our favourite onesies to show our support for the Sunday Mail Centenary Fund's second Onesie Day to help us beat blood cancer.

Lots of staff got into the onesie spirit despite the heat with a red panda, fox and a zebra and batman himself amongst the costumes. Meet our onesie heroes:

1. Kung Fu Panda, AKA Lauren Dias our Research Manager

"My red panda #onesieselfie for @beatbloodcancer and @SundayMail100 - such a shame I can't selfie with my tail!"

2. Tony the Tiger, AKA Abbi Davies our Content & Communications Officer

"I'm wearing a onesie at work! It's #onesieselfie day and I'm roaring to @beatbloodcancer. Thanks @SundayMail100."

3. Cheeky Monkey, AKA Jon Hoggard our Patient Information Manager

"In the office dressed like a monkey for Sunday Mail Centenary Fund's Onesie Day, raising money to help beat blood cancer!"

4. Fantastic Miss Fox, AKA Ellie Dawes our Digital Engagement Manager

"Getting behind the @SundayMail100 fundraiser with my #onesieselfie. I'm a total fox. Foxing it up to @beatbloodcancer"

5. Zainy Zebra, AKA Claude Bindika our Digital Development Manager

"@beatbloodcancer: Our web development and production managers #feelalive with a #onesieselfie supporting @SundayMail100"

6. Lonely Tiger, AKA Kimberley Pryor our Digital Production Manager

"Look how sad I am to have been forced into a onesie for @SundayMail100 #onesieselfie but it's for @beatbloodcancer :)"

7. Batman, AKA Andy Jackson our Digital Engagement Officer

"My #onesieselfie effort for @beatbloodcancer & @SundayMail100's Onesie Day"

8. Easy Tiger! AKA Neil Hutchison & Elnaz Faghihi our Finance Assistant & Payment Officers

"What fun we're having in finance on #onesieselfie day at @beatbloodcancer - our pounds donated @SundayMail100"

Special thanks must go to Rachel Newton, our Patient Information Administration Assistant, who baked a batch of gInger bread onesie men which we duly decorated in our own onesie designs for a small donation, helping us raise an additional £40.60 for the cause:

"@beatbloodcancer: Rachel in Patient Support just took #onesieday to a new level! Onesie gingerbread man decorating bar @SundayMail100"

"@beatbloodcancer: Nothing makes you #feelalive quite like a gingerbread version of yourself. #onesieselfie"

Last and by no means least we'd like to thank all our supporters Shiv Meaker and Katie Ruane who sent us photos of themselves taking part. Here they are in all their onesie glory:

9. Great Guerilla, AKA Hodgkin lymphoma patient Shiv Meaker

".@beatbloodcancer @mrhappyontherun did someone say it was wear a onesie day? #FeelAliveFriday #theladyofmanyfaces"

10. Ghostbuster, AKA chronic myeloid leukaemia patient Katie Ruane

"@beatbloodcancer @SundayMail100 I have an amazing suit of amazingness…"

Onesie Day is now over but you can still show your support by texting SMCF14£1 to 70070 to make a £1 donation to help beat blood cancer. Send us your #onesieselfies, too, and we'll add them to the blog.


Sara T

I trust that Ellie was met with a few rounds of this?


The number 10 is hilarious ! hahah 


Yours is my personal favourite, Claude - it's the cheeky photo steal from Kim that does it!


Fantastic effort from all concerned. Good work guys!

For what it's worth my personal favourite is the zebra with the guest appearance from the tiger - she's behind you Claude!!!