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Local Youth Development Program 6 Months On

Danny Redhead
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26 Apr 2015

Six months in we have five supporting organisations backing the project, with 16 more young people having already volunteered over 100 hours in our community which has helped to raise over £1,700 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research!

The Local Youth Development Program was created to provide the youth of Winterton with a platform to develop their soft skills and become involved in a young, energetic and vibrant team of individuals dedicated to beat blood cancers. The branch is committed to mentoring these young people to help enhance their CV’s to make them more employable through providing opportunities to take an active role in our events, and manage their own projects. There will also be the opportunity for those that show commitment and dedication to the branch to receive awards in recognition of their work.

The Local Youth Development Program is now six months old; over the last six months we have gained five supporting organisations, brought 16 young people on to the program who between them have already volunteered over 100 hours in our community. During their 100 hours of volunteering they have already helped to raise over £1,740 to beat blood cancer as well as taking part in awareness raising activities.

Our Supporters
The Local Youth Development Program has five key supporters that have helped to make the project happen. Winterton Community Academy is our partnering school who we are working closely with to recruit young people to join the program, however we do have some primary school children involved too. In the first six months we already have sixteen young people involved with the Local Youth Development Program.

The Winterton and District Lions, Winterton 2022, Winterton Town Council and the High Sheriffs Tribune Trust are all funders of the project, enabling us to provide the resources needed and help create more opportunities for the young people involved.

Through the funding we have received we have already been able to provide each young person with a log book where they record the amount of hours they have committed to volunteering in our community. Once the young person has accumulated enough hours they will be put forward to receive an award in recognition of their commitment to the cause. Their log books will act as a tangible form of evidence for the work they have done to achieve this. We are working with the Winterton and District Lions and the Diana Award to provide internationally recognised awards for our young people.

On 4th October 2014 we brought the young people involved in the Local Youth Development Program together for a workshop at Winterton Community Pavilion. This was an opportunity to meet some of our team, and to explain in more detail about the program and how it will work. Each member of the Local Youth Development Program received their log book and information pack.

At the workshop North Lincs Tv came along to produce a film on our work with the Local Youth Development Program which can be seen on our website. It will also be aired on Estuary TV, our local TV station, in May to help raise further awareness about our work.

The Local Youth Development Program members have been working with our fundraising team to host events and take part in fundraisers. This has included collections, stands at community events, selling our grand draw tickets and helping host our Winterton Christmas Light Switch On event in November.

As well as this some of the members of the Local Youth Development Program were involved in producing an delivering their own awareness assembly in school, and a Colour Day in which pupils wore red or white to raise awareness, as well as organising cake sales to take place on the day which raised over £400.

What’s next?
Our young people will continue to build up the hours committed to the cause through opportunities that we will continue to provide them. We also intend to work with them and support them on planning and delivering more of their own fundraisers following the success of December’s Colour Day. This will be key for our Local Youth Development Program members to continue developing skills to make them more employable in the future.

We soon hope to see results of the award schemes come into fruition as some of our members reach key milestones to achieve awards. Later in the year we plan to take the Local Youth Development Program team on a trip to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research labs to develop a broader understanding about our work and the difference their work is making, and we hope to celebrate the achievements of this fantastic program when we reach the one year anniversary.