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For Lola

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19 Jul 2015

Losing our beloved pet to Lymphoma

We have had to say goodbye to our wonderful Lola. Unfortunately she wasn't responding to the chemo and we decided to have her put to sleep. It was without doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to do and we as a family are devastated. in a way it has made me even more want to raise awareness and as much money as possible as i am now doing this for her as well.

We are fortunate enough to still have Missy who is now training along side me and  our loss has brought us closer. She misses her little mate but loves jogging and is great company.

Only two months to go so myself and the team will be stepping up the fund raising. as we are a long way off our £5000 target. Hoping once holidays are out the way we can really get going.



Hi Jaques,

Really sorry to hear about Lola. I remember how hard it was when we put our dog down. Whilst we knew that ultiimately it was the right thing that didn't make it any easier to take her to the vets and make that call.

It's good that you've still got Missy by your side which must be an enormous source of comfort. Good luck with all the training and all the fundraising. You'll find that you'll get a flood of support in the build up to and day of the event but in the meantime you might find these tips helpful: https://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/ten-step-online-fundraising

I hope you're over that tiredness and that everything has settled down with your treatment. Together we will beat blood cancer!

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