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London Bikeathon 2014

rich Castle
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06 Mar 2014

Hi all.

Just to let you know that I've signed up for the 2014 LLR London Bikeathon which takes place on Sunday the 31st of August. After two year's riding the 26 mile course, this year, I've decded to up the mileage and go for the 52 mile course.

Now I'll have to get the bike out and primed and ready for some serious training since I need to be able to keep up wth the unstoppable Andy Jackson so that I can at least get to the beer tent before him and grab a beer before he drinks it dry!!!!

Have a watch of the vid below to see why you need to be donating to ths wonderful cause:

Thats all for now folks. You can help me beat blood cancer by making a donation to my Bikeathon fundraising page.



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