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London Bikeathon 2014 - Routes ready to download

Andy Jackson
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24 Jul 2014

We're delighted to announce that all three routes for this year's London Bikeathon have been finalised and are now available to download.* 

If you fancy taking part but haven't signed up yet don't panic as we've still got places available for all three routes which cater for cyclists of all abilities.

We've made a number of changes to this year's ride to ensure that the routes are the best they possibly can be and riders will receive a hard copy of the route in their rider packs which we'll be sending out very, very soon. In the meantime, here's a taster of what to expect:

26 mile route    

Starting in Coram's Fields in the heart of the city, you'll head East into to the City of London where you'll have the opportunity to take in some of London's most famous landmarks.

You'll directly pass the Old Bailey, St. Paul's and the Tower of London whilst also getting an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Canary Wharf, the O2 Arena and the Shard as well as the unmissable London Eye and Houses of Parliament.

After 19 miles alongside the 52 milers you'll branch off and make your way back towards Coram's Fields where Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research staff, volunteers and friends and family will be ready to welcome you with an ice cold drink.

View and download the full 26 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the route directly to your Garmin from the attachment at the bottom of the page.

52 mile route

You'll begin in Coram's Fields and follow the 26 milers out East into the City of London where you'll also get the opportunity to take in some of the capital's most iconic landmarks, including the Tower of London which is back by popular demand.

The start will be done in waves in a bid to avoid congestion and at 19 miles having taken in the likes of The Shard, Big Ben and Canary Wharf, you'll split from the 26 milers and head West towards Richmond.

This will take you through the glorious surrounds of Richmond Park, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and onto Ham House where you'll have an opportunity to stop for refreshments before making your way back to Coram's Fields and a well earned drink!

View and download the full 52 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the route directly to your Garmin from the attachment at the bottom of the page.

100 mile route

In a bid to give riders the opportunity to avoid the busy roads and stop-start nature of Central London, you'll start this year's 100 mile route at Ham House and head straight out towards the Surrey Hills.

Entering the Surrey Hills you'll have the opportunity to test yourself to the max against the infamous Box Hill which we'll also be timing. You'll then head further south deep into the Surrey countryside before looping back after Kirdford and head for the finish back at Ham House but not before taking in a beautiful final stretch through Bushey Park

View and download the full 100 mile route from MapMyRide

Alternatively download the route directly to your Garmin from the attachment at the bottom of the page.

And of course there’ll be shelter, water, snacks, hot drinks, toilets, first aid, and mechanics available to riders of all three routes. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along, even if they’re not riding, to cheer you on – we’ve got great music, food and entertainment to make this a festival atmosphere like no other.

*It’s unlikely, but there may be very slight changes to the routes. Any changes will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! Join our Unstoppable London Bikeathon team and help us beat blood cancer!



What time at the start of the 100 miler please? Also, do we receive any info by post and the shirts etc before the ride or one the day?


Hi anonymous,

The 100 miler starts at 8 am at Ham House so it's a bit of an early start! Unfortunately there isn't any designated parking but there is limited street parking available in the area if you're looking to drive. I hope this answers your question and that your training is going well - not long to go now! 


Can't download the route for 52 miles to my garmin can u help


Hi Steve,

You need to download the GPX file for Garmin GPS systems. They are available on the bottom of the page as a download instead of using the download under the map of the routes.

Hope this helps, any further problems please email


Paul Morton


When I try and upload the gpx file to Garmin Connect I get an error, not sure what to try?


I might be being a bit dim here...sorry for the question but I find Strava doesn't kill my phone as quickly as map my ride. Don't suppose you could load the route onto Strava as well as Map My Ride could you? Or explain how I put the GPX file into Strava?



Hi there,

Just wondering what time the 52 mile ride starts? 

Thanks :)


I you are not with Garmin or map my ride, how do you download the route, please?


I am having the same problem - can you give us some clues how to upload the gpx files to a Garmin, please?


gpx files not working................28.08.14 at 13:15?


Should work as strava route


From Garmin website Support...

The Edge 810 and 510 can import .fit, .crs, .tcx and .gpx file(s) into the NewFiles folder.

All other files are not compatible with the cycling GPS.

To import the file(s):
1.Plug Edge into computer
2.Navigate to Edge drive
3.Navigate to Garmin folder
4.Navigate to NewFiles folder
5.Place file(s) to be imported in NewFiles folder
6.Disconnect Edge from computer

The Edge will convert the file to .fit and move it to the proper folder.


to those having trouble with garmin, I suggest you upload to bike route toaster, and then down loan as a tcx file, these have always worked better for me. I think I have made my route public on bike route toaster so you may be able to down load straight away from the following link. I cant take responsibility if it doesn't work though!


Thanks Grimwynde.

Doesn't seem to work for me! Anyone else been able to import route to edge?


I think it was clear that the route through Wapping was not safe for so many cyclists mixing with pedestrians - there was not really room for anything but single file to take account of other people using the canal walkers. The youngsters especially seemed to want to go too fast for safety too. Hopefully next year will be a better route.


Did the 52 mile route this year having done the 26 last year, thought the route overall was very good, much more scenic than last year and nice to see some of london's more famous landmarks and be able to stop for pics!
I have to mention though some parts of the route along the Thames were very narrow and on 2 occasions i had to get off and push as there was not enough room for us and pedestrians to pass safely.
Signage was much better than last year apart from the cross roads at the exit of Richmond Park where we had to stop and consult the map as it wasn't clear which was to go.
Overall, excellent, will be doing it again....well done to all who organised it.


Hi Sarah,

Really sorry to hear you experienced problems with the Wapping section of the route. After consulting riders who took part last year we wanted to avoid main roads wherever possible with this year's route. At the same time, however, we clearly don't want to put the safety of either cyclists or members of the public at risk and we will certainly take this feedback on board as we assess how this year's ride went and work out what we could do better for next year.

We'lll be sending out a survey in due course to gather feedback from cyclists as a whole but if you'd like to provide your feedback on areas of the Bikeathon that we could possibly improve on whilst they're still fresh in your mind, email us at

Wapping aside, I hope that your overall experience of the Bikeathon was a positive one and that it hasn't put you off from taking part again next year. It was wonderful to see so many riders getting on their bikes to help us beat blood cancer and we're so proud and thankful for each and every one of you.

Hope you're not too sore today and thanks again for your feedback,




Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm really glad that you enjoyed your experience overall and that you felt that the route was an improvement upon last year. We worked really hard to incorporate suggestions from last year's participants when planning this year's route and it's nice to know that all the hard work paid off!

Sorry to hear abotu the confusion at the cross roads and that your momentum was stopped at times by the narrowness of the rotue. We will certainly bear this in mind when it comes to the planning for next year as we look to make further improvements. With that in mind, could you send the London Bikeathon team an email with your feedback? Their email address is

Thanks again for your comments and congratulations on finishing the Bikeathon - together we will beat blood cancer!



Thanks so much for posting this! I hope you had a great ride yesterday and enjoyed your London Bikeathon experience. It was extremely humbling to see so many riders taking on the challenge to help us beat blood cancer and we're extremely thankful to everyone that took part and our army of volunteers who helped out on the day without whom we wouldn't have been able to put the event on. Together we are Unstoppable!


Thanks so much for posting this, Rich. Hope you had a great ride yesterday and enjoyed yourself as much as we did. Fantastic day!


Thanks so much for positing this, Grimwynde.A number of people appeared to be having problems downloading the routes on to their Garmins and this really helps explain the process perfectly!I hope that you enjoyed the ride yesterday and aren't too sore today? Together we will beat blood cancer. 


Hi Nancy,I'm really sorry but I've only just seen this message!!! I hope that you got to the start ok and had a fantastic Bikeathon experience! Thank you so much for signing up to take part and everything that you're dong for us. Together we will beat blood cancer!


Andy - you are welcome. Like all tech gadgets, it's easy when you know how!

I found that the route worked very well in terms of giving actual directions for the first quarter or so past the Isle of Dogs but then went quiet and just let me know I'd gone 'Off Course' which useful but not helpful explicitly. Things first went pear shaped in Wapping when we had to thread through the residential section on footpaths instead of roads.

I will have another crack next year. Hopefully a Garmin specific file can be tested in advance as it is a very popular make of bike computer perhaps they could be a potentail sponsor?

Regards, Graham

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