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London Bikeathon 2014: An unforgettable day of fundraising

Andy Jackson
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02 Sep 2014

On Sunday I had the honour of lining up alongside almost 3,000 other unstoppable cyclists in Coram's Fields for this year's London Bikeathon and what an unforgettable day it was with riders from all corners of the UK coming together as one unstoppable team to beat blood cancer.

As a group we cycled an incredible combined total of 87,000 miles around the streets of London and beyond thanks to the 540 riders on the 100 route who battled their way up and down the Surrey Hills. We raised more than £335,000 in the process with the promise of more to come. That's a phenomenal fundraising effort that will make an enormous difference to the lives of blood cancer patients.

We cannot thank participants enough for all the hard work they put in to both the fundraising and painstaking hours of training in the saddle. As a blood cancer survivor myself, it was incredibly humbling and hugely inspiring to ride alongside so many people had given up their time and money to help give people like me a second chance at life. I am living proof that your fundraising efforts really do make a difference.

Huge thanks must also go to our army of volunteers both in Coram's Fields and Ham House and out on the course itself at the rest stations who gave up their Sunday afternoons to help ensure that we could put the event on. We couldn't have done it without them and we really are incredibly thankful fo all their hardwork and constant cheeriness. On a personal level I'd like to thank Angela Jackson who was there to pick me up at Ham House on the 52 mile route when my energy levels and enthusiasm for sitting on a bike were beginning to wane a little.

Thanks, too, to the marshalls out on the roads helping us get round the course in one piece and the caterers at Ham House and Coram's Fields for keeping us watered and fed both before, during and after the ride. Last and by no means least, thank you to all the friends and family members that came out to cheer us all on and help ensure a fantastic atomosphere on a fantastic day for the charity.

We're already thinking about how we can make the Bikeathon even better next year and will be sending out a rider survey soon in due course to gather your feedback. In the meantime if you've got any feedback on how we can improve the ride for next year please send an email to the Bikeathon team at

We've also put together photos from the event which we're adding to all the time including a Facebook gallery featuring photos sent to us by riders themselves. If you'd like to be included in this gallery send me an email directly at

View photos from the 26 & 52 mile route

View photos from the 100 mile route

If you've been inspired by the London Bikeathon, we've still got places available for the Birmingham Bikeathon later this month on all three routes.