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London bikeathon. What an epic day

rich Castle
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02 Sep 2014

Well, I did it! I rode the 52 mile ride on Sunday. Well actually I did a tad over 56 miles as I and others took a wrong turn somewhere near Richmond and were heading out towards isleworth when another group of riders passing the other way informed us we were going the wrong way. After checking maps this was indeed the case and we turned back and eventually got to the finish line at 1pm. The feeling I got from all the clapping and cheering people and the collecting of my medal which I wore at work for the the rest of the day will never be forgotton, but the best was yet to come when I spotted my brother Gary amongst them all. he is the man whose stem cells mean that I'm here.  Shame I had to miss all the after ride fun and go to work. 

It was good to see so many of the charities staff there, especially the lovely Lauren Diaz (whose name I forgot on the day-shame on me) who wished me good luck with my ride. 

Big shout out to all the volunteers and marshalls on the day who without this event couldnt happen.

I just love this charity and knowing that the 500+ quid (inc gift aid) I've raised so for will go directly to fund vital research to make blood cancer history.

Here's to the next one in 2015 when my brother Gary will be riding with me.

Bless you all



Well done Rich - and I forgive you for forgetting my name!! 


Many thanks erm erm erm, cant rememebr your name lol. It was lovely as ever to see you Sophie, oops I mean Lauren lol. 've managed to raise £576-00 (100 from maurice who turned up on my fundraiser night and pledged to donate) = gift aid. there is more to come too.

I will make up forgetting your name somehow. If you are at the laugh for leukaemia then I'll buy you a drink.



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