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London Marathon COMPETITION - Guess and Donate Our Times

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17 Apr 2012

Hi Folks! 

With 5 days to go, PJ and I know we know the depth of your pockets are always tested during London Marathon Week.  We are so grateful to those of you who have donated so far – it will give us strength when the pain kicks in on Sunday.  To those who would like to donate but don’t know how much to give, or whether you can support all the causes you care about, we’d like to encourage you to donate in a different way – and offer a little something in return.  Read on to find out more...

It’s simple really.  Instead of donating a round number, we’re challenging you to guess our combined time and offer it as a donation in advance of the race

Beyond the warm glow intrinsic to both donating to charity and being right when everyone else is wrong, you will also win an extra special prize: PJ and I.  We will serve you and your friends for the evening.  For one evening – and one evening only – we will cook, wash up, put away, tell you jokes, make you feel special and generally be your servants for a few hours. 

You can guess and donate here

We’re a good double act, so we’re pretty excited about it.  So excited in fact that we want to give you a chance – I am hoping to cross the line somewhere between 3hrs 15 and 3hrs 45.  PJ is hoping to make it in around between 4-5hrs.  So we should be somewhere between £7-10.  [Disclaimer: there is always the potential for injury so this is an estimate, but hopefully it will educate your guess.]  

Here’s that donation location again. 

The winner will be announced on Twitter after the race on Sunday (you can follow us @domgoggins and @pjhanman), and on this blog on Monday. 

We might even wear aprons. 

Good luck!
Dom and PJ. 

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