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London Marathon: my journey into the unknown!

Liam D
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06 Mar 2014

Next month I'll be taking my place alongsided 35,000 runners on the start line to take part in this year's London Marathon and I'm really, really excited! Here's how I've found the build up so far:


The training was going really well - I was up to 15 miles - up until two weeks ago when I suffered a knee injury. I'm back on the road this weekend for a 17 mile run though so hopefully should be back on track! There are no more big races in the calendar and I've got the small matter of my stag do to get before the big day in April! All things considered, I know I'm not going to be breaking any records but at the end of the day that’s not why I’m doing it.


I've found the training tough but there are a few motivations that get me out there. First and foremost, I am running for my mum who was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) in 2012. She us the reason I got me off the couch in the first place against the will of my legs and ever rounding stomach!

Secondly, my beautiful children Kian (6) and Erin (3) whose photo I carry on the inside of my jacket on those cold wet evening to keep me going. My inspirational and beautifully supportive wife to be, Angela, who has had to put up with the constant chat about training, fundraising ideas and the whining over injuries and bad weather .

Last and by no means least, my two running partners Ellie and Rich have been a great help. They have dragged me kicking and screaming up and down hills, across muddy fields and around the streets of Leicester.


Fundraising has been a challenge but I have achieved and surpassed my £3000 target. I have been fortunate enough to have auctioned some amazing items over the past 6 months from a signed Jamie Carragher Liverpool shirt to Robbie Williams signed Angels lyrics, a Kasabian signed Leicester City Shirt to Stephen Fry’s tie.

This was all through a twitter campaign #Signit4LLR which helped massively towards me achieving my target. Amazing people like Ritchie Humphreys, Simon Pegg, Brian Deane, Russell Howard, Keith Gillespie, Dani King, Steven Gerrard and Superman himself Henry Cavill have all donated something to the auction and there is still things arriving so onwards to £4000 I go.

For those of you finding it difficult to raise money, the biggest fundraising tips I can give are:

1.) Don’t be afraid to ask there are some amazing generous people and businesses out there so don't be afraid to ask and cast your net wide - tthe worst that can happen is somebody can say is no!

2.) There are up’s and down’s and it is extremely frustrating when things are not going your way but in the end if you set your sights on a target you’ll achieve it.

Entry for this year's London Marathon is now closed however there are a number of other running events available on the website.

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