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London | Paris 2015: Reaching your £1000 target

Bekah M
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12 Dec 2014

Some of you might be feeling a little daunted by the £1000 fundraising target for London | Paris. Perhaps this is your first time aiming for a target, or maybe you've already exhausted the good will of your friends and family and are looking for some new ideas. We have you covered! Here are some truly excellent fundraising tips, tried and tested by London | Paris cyclists!


Angela & Trevor Jackson

Fundraising is hard work. Just asking people to sponsor you is not enough and, like your bike training, has to be committed to be organised. Quiz nights, asking a local store if you can shake a bucket, raffles, race nights, talking to your local paper, or seeing if your town has a Facebook page and getting a mention on that… never be afraid to ask!

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Ben Wright

People are willing to part with money as long as you give them something in return. I found that putting on an event that people can participate in worked much better than asking for money. I did a sponsored bleep test (you can get the app free online) and charged people £5 to participate. We organised an indoor triathlon, which worked fantastically well.

The best event we did was outside our local Tesco and got a group together on turbo trainers and cycled the equivalent of London to Paris and back over two days. We had a team of bucket shakers and a team of cyclists. We raised £500 from the bleep test, £300 from the triathlon and £1,960 from Tescos. There's money out there, you've just got to find ways of prying it from people's pockets! If you find it difficult to organise something yourself, why not try finding a local LLR rider who you could team up with to put on an event?

I think that realistically, it will take 4 days out of a year to raise the £1,000. And when you think what you get in return in September, it's definitely worth a couple of weekend's work.

I would like to say a big thank you to LLR for supplying us with all the buckets and point of sale bits for the days we put events on, and for always going above and beyond for my whims, fancies and hare-brained schemes! In my experience they will move heaven and earth to help anyone raise money.

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