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Look Good Feel Better Workshop

Butterfly Anna
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10 Dec 2015

Pampering for cancer patients!

This is something I had never heard of before I got Leukemia! Its a workshop run by a charity where you are given help and advice on how to look your best during cancer treatment.  Its like a pampering session, you are shown how to cleanse and tone, then how to apply make up.  Its great and the free make up and products you get are amazing!

I was told about this by the nurses and ward manager while on my second cycle of chemo.  They were so good and arranged that days chemo around the workshop so that I could attend!

At the workshop there were some people like me who were staying in hospital and some that were day patients.  Some had lost their hair, some wore hats, some didn't.  In fact it was a hot day and one of the ladies took hers off as she was too hot so all the others did too!!  This was my first experience of meeting other cancer patients from the outside world and how even though we were strangers we supported each other by being brave enough to take our hats off!!

It was lovely to have this pampering time as while you are going through treatment you are not able to do things like go to your local salon!  For me it was just nice to have a change of scene and break up the monotony of long stays in hospital!

They show you how to do make up and most importantly how to add eyebrows if you have lost yours, I found this really helpful as it gave me more confidence. 

The products you get to use are premium for example, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, No7, you also get a lovely bottle of perfume!



This sounds fantastic Anna. How did you hear about the charity and the workshop? Was it something that your consultand/clinical nurse specialist arranged for you?



Hi Andy, I was told about this by the nurses who looked after me in hospital and I think the MacMillan nurse told me too.  The ward manager organised it for me.  They have a website you can look at for more info but as far as I know its open to anyone with Cancer.  You get around £200 worth of products to take home and a lovely two hours of distraction!  Let me know if you want to know anymore! Anna


It's great that your hospital team were so proactive in sorting this out for you Anna. It sounds like it was really benefitial for you, helping you take your mind off treatment and making you feel special again.

Any info you've got about the Look Good Feel Better groups or charity would be fantastic as we'd love to help advertise this more widely going forwards.

I hope you're well and I hope that you were able to sort you photo issues out - if there are any that you'd like me to load on your behalf please don't hesitate to drop me an email with the photos and instructions on where you'd like me to place them.

Happy New Year - here's to a fantastic 2016! Andy

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