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Lost your bottle Bellers? (An ode to the bonk)

Daren W
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09 Aug 2014


At 7am we were all due to leave,
There was Daren, Lee, Bellers and we welcomed John Reeve,
But the LLR numbers were strangely 4 short,
We were soon to find out it was all Emma’s fault.

Having done the right thing in washing James’ kit,
She forgot to dry them, oh what a twit!
So Dave, James and Keiran were running quite late,
And we finally departed much nearer to 8.

We set off quite smartly in a long yellow train,
Dodging the puddles from the overnight rain,
With the sun shining down we were all making hay,
Even John in his 50 shades of grey.

Through the Notleys we sped in search of some hills,
Our first destination was the Bulford Mill,
But a lady advised that the ford was gushing,
So we approached with caution, no need for rushing.

Water was streaming all over the street,
And we were all soon complaining of very wet feet.
Onwards we charged some left, and not right,
But back on track the team took flight.

Through Braintree we rode on these glorious day,
Enjoying the cobbles as if in Roubaix,
Off through Rayne we were all in a trance,
As we dreamt of being part of the Tour de France.

Felsted approached and Daren upped the pace,
Keiran caught on quick, it was a strava race!
Up Hartford End, a steep little bump,
For once there was no sign of the Bellers hump.

Great Leighs was next and we thought about stopping,
Fate intervened as tyres began popping.
First Keiran went bang due to riding in muck,
Lee helped him then he popped, how’s your luck!

Lee’s tyre was split, there was no repairing,
The Ranks Green residents have never heard such swearing.
But along came Claire with vehicular support,
And we were back on the road, no more drama we thought.

Terling and Boreham were visited soon ,
We were going well, we were over the moon.
North Hill was a test Dave was dreading,
And it made it harder the way he was heading.

But never the one to back down from a fight,
We all made it up to the ridge before night.
Bellers was struggling with a lack of fuel,
So we cut the route short with no need to be cruel.

A pitstop for water and a snickers or two,
We pondered how to get our grumpy friend through.
Lee had commitments to be back by midday,
So we headed for home by the quickest way.

Woodham Walter and Nounsley were inflicting some pain,
And Bellers was beginning to bonk again,
So at Peverel we said goodbye to John,
And then towards Witham we trudged on,

The A12 cycle paths divided the team,
The Southbound side is quicker it would seem,
We bid farewell to Bellers at the top of the lane,
But the promise of tea drove the rest of the train.

Soon we arrived back from whence we began,
As a team we always cover as much as we can.
42 miles had been ridden this morning,
some fun had been had but it came with a warning:

When on a long ride, there are things you just ought’a
Like turn on your strava and bring plenty water.
But as a team we will try to stick close together,
Our aim, to beat blood cancer once and forever.

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