Maggie Scorer’s Dog on Tour challenge

21 Jun 2015

Maggie is cycling 5000 miles around the UK with Oscar in tow for LLR and Sands

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet up with Maggie and Oscar as they passed through Blackpool as part of their 5000 mile trip around the UK, what an inspirational lady!

It was fascinating to hear Maggie's tales of the 2000 or so miles she has cycled so far, she has battled through the elements in England and not been phased by 50 mile per hour winds and sleet making her way up and through Scotland. 

Her experiences haven't dampened her enthuiasm though and she is thoroughly enjoying her tour of the UK, as is Oscar who made sure I gave him plenty of attention too!

Hopefully Maggie will get more favourable weather over the coming months, best of luck with the rest of your amazing journey Maggie!

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