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Major Set Back In the Training

Robert G
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05 Jun 2014

Lock cut and bike stolen :-(

I unfortunately have a major setback in my training for the challenges.

My bike was chained up to the railings of my secure parking area in Diglis Basin, however in the early hours of Tuesday morning the lock was cut and my bike was stolen.

I have of course contacted the police to make them aware however nothing has turned up as of yet so for the time being I am bikeless.  I am working on trying to borrow another bike so I can continue with my training until I can save up enough to purchase another.  This is a challenge itself after only just purchasing my first home in the last couple of months but hopefully the police will do all they can to re-unite me with my bike.



Robert that's dreadful luck! I hope you get reunited with your bike ASAP!

If the worst happens and you have to get another one, our bike guide might help give you some pointers on a good substitute. Otherwise there's always e-Bay where you should be able to pick up a good bike for a fairly low price.


Thanks Andy

I have also written off to our local paper The Worcester News who have placed an appeal on page five to see if anyone can either help retrieve my stolen bike or assist wih acquiring a replacement bike.  I have linked to the article below for you.


You're welcome Robert! Fingers crossed the appeal proves successful. If not, I know that the Sports team are working on a solution for you. Watch this space!!!

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