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Man v Food Challenge

Andy J
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28 Jul 2014

The challenge was simple. Eat an entire sausage roll in under 5 minutes. If successful I stood to earn myself £10 - the same price as the sausage roll - and eternal glory of joining the elite of Man v Sausage roll victors. However I was set on finishing the challengein one sitting which would be enough to claim my finishers t-shirt. I was joined for the challenge by my good mates Giles and Deepta as well as an enthusiastic crowd to cheer us on. Here's a picture of me just prior to taking on my two foot adversary:

As competitors we had conflicting approaches. Like me, Deepta was happy to finish and took his time, opting for a knife and fork and the use of condiments. Giles on the other hand was hellbent in going sub 5 minutes and getting his tenner back, stretching his stomach prior to the challenge by having a gallon of water and not eating since the night before. In contrast, I'd had a triple decker sandwich about midday and a pint in the build up! This was a school boy error and I really struggled with the challenge as a result. Here's a pic of me approaching the end of the challenge:

In the end I managed to finish the beast in 15 minutes but it was a real struggle towards and I was a massively relieved when I finally cleaned the plate. Giles had no such problems, finishing in an unbelievable 3 minutes and 45 seconds - a superhuman effort that unbelievably was still a full minute slower than the pub's record time!  

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to cheer me on. However special praise needs to go to my fellow Man v Food competitors, Giles and Deepta. Phenomenal efforts from both.

Man 3 Food 0!!!!

If you fancy taking on the 30 before 30 challenge for yourself head down to the County Arms on Trinity Road opposite Wandsworth Common to give it a go - you have 3 minutes 45 seconds to beat!

I've now completed 9 of my 30 challenges so have got a long, long way to go to complete all 30 before I'm 30. In all honesty, I don't think I'm going to get them all done in time but I'll do everything I can to do so and to do that I need all the help I can get. Here are three easy ways for you to get involved:

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