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Managing your training over the festive season

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18 Nov 2019

As the festive season approaches, Ben from our training partner Full Potential shares his top tips for making sure the festive season doesn't get in the way of your training.

One of the main challenges of preparing for the marathon is balancing the demands training places on your week, spending time with your family and having a social life.

This problem gets highlighted even more over the Christmas period. With some planning and prior thought, we can make sure you get the most of training and other activities. Here's some top tips:

  • Rearrange your training so that you aren't training hard the day after a party or night out. This will give you the best chance to train well, and also enjoy your nights out.
  • Get realistic with your training, take an easier week or a extra rest day if you're feeling tired or just can’t fit the training in. If you look at your training plan you have key sessions and supplementary ones as part of your week. Don’t be afraid to drop a supplementary session or two and prioritise those key sessions.
  • Spend time with your family as once we are into the new year, you are going to be busy with longer training sessions.
  • Check out the opening times of your gym, running track or swimming pool to ensure you’re able to train when you need to.
  • Get your training into your diary now and aim to stick to your exercise routine throughout the festive season. When you're going for a run, do it around other people's plans, don’t delay Christmas dinner because you want to go for a run at midday or you won't be very popular! 
  • Enjoy some indulgence on the food front, but perhaps keep in mind that, on average, people gain around 5lbs during the Christmas period! Indulge in a day or two of eating what you like, just don’t let that continue through to New Year’s Day.  
  • Pack a lunch box to take to work full of healthy foods and snacks, like satsumas, berries, nuts and grapes and make sure you keep a bottle of water to hand with you to drink during the day.

Enjoy the festive season and best of luck with all your training over the next few months! 

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