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Marathon Warrior

Grace Harington
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10 May 2018

Gleaming with pride after Ambassador Jude Irwin took on this year's London Marathon

We’ve heard a lot about this year’s London Marathon; the hottest marathon to date, Mo Farrah’s amazing performance, the curious incident of the stolen number and of course the 101 amazing Bloodwise runners who raised almost 250K. Among those, as you all know, was Ambassador Jude Irwin.

Albeit the snow, rain, injury, sitting by her husband Nige’s chemo, taking care of her son, Joshua and all the other stresses and hurdles that life brings; Jude took on the amazing feat of the marathon.
When we hear about or see a mass of people doing something extraordinary, it almost starts to seem normal- or in fact easy. But as many of you have done a marathon or the likes of it, it is far from that. The dedication, motivation and strength it takes to get up and train every day for months and months, is by no means that of an ordinary experience. It does not matter whether it is a marathon, 5k, 10k, a hike, a walk, a cycle (the list goes on); but to find the time and the enthusiasm when already juggling a million things- both physical and mental- is an achievement in its own.

Speaking to Jude leading up to the day, you could feel her willpower- the sheer grit and determination that nothing would stand in her way of crossing that finish line. I was in complete admiration of her ability to accept what was in front of her and carry on.

Jude’s efforts raised over £16, 500- an achievement that is invaluable in helping us to beat blood cancer. Deciding to persevere in training and fundraising despite the inclement conditions, relentless injuries and personal hardships, is not your ordinary choice. Jude has taken her personal adversity and turned it into an opportunity- an opportunity for research into beating blood cancers; an opportunity for those affected by blood cancers to live longer.

Many of you, like Jude, make these sacrifices every day. With every struggle, there is always an opportunity for good- every bit of support you offer makes a difference. This was a long winded way to say thank you to Jude, for all her hard work and to also say thank you to everyone who has also put blood sweat and tears behind this organisation- we really do appreciate every bit of it.


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