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May's training

Dave S
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22 Jul 2015

Continuing on the them of combining training with my normal life pattern, I took my bike in to work on the train, and cycle home. I planneda slightly longer route, 50km, and managed to maintain a high speed throughout the ride, averaging 28kph.


A couple of weeks later I took my bike to work again, without checking the weather forecast. Silly mistake. Just before I was due to leave work, the heavens opened! Planning on sticking to the shorter of my planned routes, however after about 10km, I decided to short cut home, this meant going down a long hill shortly after Hatfield Peveral. I decided to go for it, despite the rain, hit 61.6kmph and felt the tyres start to skip over the wet, bumpy road, so thought better of it and sat up to ease my speed slightly. Eventually getting home with an average speed of 28.3kmph.


Unfortunately that was all the training that  I had time for in May. But knowing time was running out, I used the start of June to really focus on my training.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. Check back soon for Junes update.

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