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Me and my monkey.

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17 Nov 2015

How my monkey helped me beat cancer

Our Labrador, Faith, is very aware how important my monkey is to me. On going to bed I always shut the door to the lounge and leave Faith under the table where her bed is. Last night I forgot to shut it and my monkey sits on the back of my sofa. It's a reminder of how kind my nephew Joshua is, it's a reminder of the strength his actions gave to me at a difficult time.

Now I know it's not something a man does, go to sleep with a toy. But this was and is very different. This was a kind person that considered me at that time in my life. It shows love, compassion, generosity and most of all comfort.

When Joshua gave it to me he wrote a note that said, "Uncle mark, when I was ill I had a monkey, he helped me get through my illness and thought you might need one to."

He touched my heart and gave me the strength to carry on and the monkey lives on. Faith has never harmed the monkey as she knows he is my friend and knows it holds some significance to me. Faith is on heat at the moment and needs to feel she is being maternal by looking after her puppies, I guess. So on coming down the stairs this morning this is what I found.

Yep my heart melted not just because she had monkey, because she had been gentle and looked after him. She does not do this with all toys she literally rips some apart, attacking them with vigour. It must smell of me and quite obviously respected that monkey is mine and special to me.

You see Monkey reminds me of life, not of the fight I had but of the life I have been given. It's symbolic of family and life, my wife bought me a teddy to that signifies the same. 

It's not the cost of something done for you, it's the reason, or the thought behind it that matters. What you do in someone's life is what counts. Not what you do when they are gone.

Monkey and Paddington will always mean something as well. Significant of the life that I have. NOT the life that I fought for. I choose to think of it like that and I choose to keep monkey special to our family and Paddington.

But isn't it amazing how Faith recognises their importance too? Do some people actually think that animals don't have feelings? How is this possible? In my opinion they have feelings alright and I have memories every time I look at my monkey.

I am not so proud that I cannot admit to having memories looking at a monkey. However I am so very proud and happy to have people in my family that choose to love me like this. Joshua bought ,onkey out of his own money and I'd like to end by saying that Joshua is a very thoughtful boy and if he keeps being the boy that he is he will grow up to be a very good man. 

We love our dog like a parent loves a child. Oh she has a sock fetish too! Create a memory do something for someone like joshy did for me. You will never live today again.





What an absolutely adorable picture of Faith with monkey and what a lovely boy Joshua sounds. It's obvious family are really important to you and they clearly are very supportive of you in return.

I hope you're well and wish you all the best going forwards. Thanks so much for being so open with your feelings!


A remarkable story, and proof that young people are very resilient and able to cope with the bad stuff if people are honest and take the time to explain what is happening. I am sure that Joshua will continue to grow into a caring young man.


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