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Meet researcher and volunteer Tracey Perry #volunteersweek

Louise Dawson
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Louise Dawson
01 Jun 2016

Q&A with Tracey Perry, Research Technician and PHD student with Professor Paul Murray at the University of Birmingham #volunteersweek

1. Tell us a little a bit about the research work you are involved with in Birmingham?

I am studying how the tumour microenvironment contributes to tumour growth in lymphoma.  Much of what we know of lymphoma is from studying the malignant B cells but there are other cells found in the tumour such as macrophages and T cells which help the tumour grow.  We want to find out why they are there and if these can also be targeted with therapy to kill the tumour.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about the voluntary work you do for Bloodwise?

I’ve marshalled for the Beefy’s Walk in Birmingham, held the collection bucket for Bloodwise at Birmingham New Street for Small Change Big Impact, organised lab tours, baked (and eaten!) cakes for Bloodwise

3.  What inspired you to give up your time on a voluntary basis for Bloodwise getting involved with various fundraising activities?

It is the patients and their families that inspire me.  After talking with them, I always feel re-energised ready to run back to the lab and get working!  They put my research into perspective and give me the motivation to work harder. 

4. What do you enjoy most about volunteering for Bloodwise?

The best part of volunteering is the people—I love meeting other researchers and engaging with the public of all ages and backgrounds.  I also enjoy developing creative ways to showcase our research. 

5. Can you tell us in your own opinion how important volunteering/fundraising is to your research work?

I am conscious of how much research costs and because of this I feel it’s my responsibility to contribute in any way I can –  from volunteering for a couple of hours to fundraise for Bloodwise or spending the whole day on lab tours.  We would not be able to do anything without the hard work and generosity of Bloodwise supporters.  It’s important to talk about how we are using research funds and to show off the results of our research.  Also, the lab can be isolating and often monotonous – and it’s nice to get out from behind the bench once in while!

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