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Midweek Recap

Scott W
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30 Apr 2015

(It's payday!)

So far this week has seen cold (like, really cold!) starts, chain lube being used for the first time (it’s a must apparently) and a broken tyre pump. I've realised that only having 30psi in my tyres probably hasn't done much for my pace over the last few days! It turns out that it’s not just me being really bad at hill climbs….honest!

Now then...

If you read only one thing today, please let it be this link on what Lymphoma is. Reading through the facts and stories is an emotional thing to do if you or someone you know has been affected by any type of cancer, not just leukaemia or lymphoma. Being able to offer emotional support to families and individuals diagnosed with leukaemia or lymphoma is a key part of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research’s work. As I found out last year, they don't receive any funding from other big cancer charities so the money they can raise really does help to make a tangible difference.

There's only two more pay days left until the Bikeathon on 5th July so I'll take my chance to beg now. Please donate whatever you can; pennies, pounds, thousands (!!) to help Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research raise money to fund the emotional care that is so desperately needed-and believe me, we know!

If you’re reading this, please click this link and give whatever you can. I promise that your donation, however small, will make a huge difference to someone.

You guys are incredible!!