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Miles racking up!

Gerd E
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09 Jul 2014

Getting lots of miles in, but the hill climb in the published route scares me!

So Summer is well under way and the light evenings has enabled me to get more time on the bike.  Coupled with riding the 20 or so miles to work and back a few times a week allowed me to clock up over 500 miles last month and I have really noticed my fitness improving with it.

I managed an 80 mile and 90 mile ride last month and am going to try and fit in a 100 mile this month, but my wife is hopefully going for her Bone marrow transplant in the next couple weeks meaning several weeks in hospital and little chance for me to get out, looks like the turbo trainer will have to come out!

I have now seen the published route, and I have to say the 5 mile climb up to Broadway Tower scares the wits out of me, oh well I will do it whatever happens!



Great to hear that the miles are racking up, Gerd, and that your fitness is improving. I've read all your blogs and am really impressed by your dedication to the cause - keep up the good work!

Wishing your wife all the best with her upcoming bone marrow transplant - I had one 10 years ago and am still alive to tell the tale. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help. My email is

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