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The Moment We Hit £50K

Danny Redhead
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10 Aug 2014

It goes to show that when you put your mind to it, the sky is the limit.

Very rarely am I lost for words, it only ever seems to be when it comes down to the generosity of people that I find myself in the situation where I am lost.

When we had seen weather forecasts for the tail end of a storm coming in we could have become despondent about walking 10 miles but actually it made a part of me a little more determined to beat the challenge. Obviously we had to monitor the weather and make sure that it would be safe to go ahead and we were comfortable that it would be. The winds weren't too strong and we were due a dry patch at about 3.00pm half way through - which did actually happen.

I have to say the weather forecasters were pretty accurate! We did get very wet at 1.00pm as we left the Humber Bridge car park and its wasn't long before people developed puddles in their shoes. At the end of the mile long bridge the weather did get a little excitable, there were some rumbles of thunder and the rain was something that I'd never experienced before - I think I was more wet than I am in the shower, at this point I was a little worried as to whether or not we'd make the full 10 miles! That said the horrendous spell lasted about 20 minutes and it soon stopped and we actually had some sun to try off!

We had a well-deserved break at the Nelthorpe Arms in South Ferriby which was the exact half way point. Everyone had the chance to get a bite to eat and drink and sit down for twenty minutes before heading off again and up until arriving in Winterton we remained dry for this point onwards.

When stepping into Winterton the sky’s felt that they should open again. I suppose a rather fitting end to finish as we started! Everyone arrived back to the pub a little wet but still high spirited. This was one of the highlights of the day for me. No matter how wet people got, and how much water was building up in their shoes, and how much their legs were aching not one of them complained. Each person took on the horrendous weather challenges that were thrown at them and got on with it knowing that they were doing something great to help beat blood cancers!

When we arrived back at the Butchers Arms Winterton who kindly did burgers for all the walkers each one received a medal upon arrival. Once everyone had a seat and drink I had a very special announcement to make. After thanking everyone for their dedication throughout the day I had the honour of being able to announce that the walk was the event that took us to the £50K milestone, and well and truly passing the milestone! The sense of pride and achievement in the room for what had happened that day and over the last four years was incredible and what a fitting way to hit £50K!

So many people have worked incredibly hard over the last four years to raise as much as we can to help beat blood cancers in memory of a friend who passed away from leukaemia. To have achieved the milestone in such a challenging manor paid tribute to how hard people have worked. Today is a special day in our history and a day that so many of us will cherish for years to come, and despite the weather it’s a day that I wouldn't have changed in any way. To everyone that walked, sponsored and has donated and got involved in any way over the last four years, today is for you all, thank you!

We won't stop until we've beaten blood cancers!

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