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More training and Sky Rides

Kate W
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23 Aug 2014

So I'm stepping up my training a little more as we get to the end of August - I'm aiming for at least 100 miles a week from now on. Yesterday, I attempted 52 miles on the stationary bike for a second time, and I think I did pretty well; I got to 83.7km (that's the magic number) in just over 3 hours and 35 minutes, quicker than my first attempt by some 25 minutes. I also found I was able to talk (just about) whilst doing it, as opposed to last time. My pace was 23km throughout, which is also good news - I'd rather sustain a medium pace than go too quickly at first and tire myself out.

Tomorrow, I'm going on another challenging Sky Ride, a slightly shorter distance than the last one at 26 miles, but with more climbs (which is what I really need to practise) - as well as that, it also means I’m entitled to a free British Cycling buff (that doubtless I will never wear)! This time it'll start in Solihull (as opposed to down the road - worse luck), but yet again we will be stopping at Tamworth-in-Arden, which is where all these West Midlands Sky Rides seem to end up at some point. Maybe this time I'll actually have a pint! Wish me luck!



Good luck with your intensive training programme, I think after that you deserve a pint or two!! love you loads mum xxxxx

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