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Motivation! motivation! motivation!

rich Castle
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02 Dec 2014

I get me kicks from working to find a cure.

H'i guys. 

I've been involved with this wonderful charity now just shy of 4 years and in case you dont know (but I'm sure you do) what my motivation is for doing what I do I'll remind you, and there are two main reasons behind that motivation.

The first is to say thank you to this charity for the research it has funded over the years that has saved my life and that of many thousands of others around me. For this, I feel that I have a strong moral obligation to give something back to LLR-to repay the debt if you like-and to carry on doing so for as long as my mad legs will carry (or pedal me) on. In the event my legs ever do fail (and they have done so on occasions in the past, usually aided and abetted by a few beers) then I'll have to learn to walk on "me 'ands"!!.

The second reason/s is to make sure that we work towards finding a cure for blood cancer; to make sure of a 100% survival rate, to make patients lives better and to find less harsh treaments so that when patients are being treated they will not have to tolerate such horrid side effects as they do now.

All this costs money, and lots of it.

I do what I do for LLR because as I've already said I feel I have both a moral and compassionate duty to do so. I dont need thankyous or anything else to keep me motivated to continue with both fundraising activities and that of raising the profile of this wonderful charity whose mission in life is to find a cure for blood cancer. Instead, my motivation is drawn from the vision that we will find a cure and being a part of that is thanks enough for me.

Having said that, I very much appreciate the reasons behind the  thank yous I get from hq staff who do a tremendous job of running this charity. After all it's human nature to be grateful, and believe me,  you lot at LLR towers are a very lovely human bunch.

Now we have a job to do, so lets carry on with the job in hand and make blood cancer a thing of the past.







Great blog Rich! I know you don't want praise but your passion and determination for the cause are incredible and we're so lucky to have you as one of our supporters. I know what you mean about the moral obligation thing - I feel like I have that kind of responsibility too - however remember you're already paying back by enjoying your second chance at life and living life to the full. You are living, breathing proof that we can beat blood cancer and we will not stop until everyone can go on to live life as you are. 


Thanks so much for your positive comment Andy. 

I am so proud and privileged to be a part of this wonderful charity helping to change peoples lives (and saving them) for the better.  

I love to be around people and listen to their inspirational stories about how they beat/are beating blood cancers. I also love to hear great fundraising stories and also positive advances by our charity.

This charity is like a big family-a family who together will help to beat blood cancer.