Leukaemia and L...
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Mr and Mrs Hartley

Leukaemia and L...
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20 Jul 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well we are now officially Mr and Mrs Hartley and who do we have to thank for that: the TVTimes Running Team! I met Steve at a social event and he suggested I join the team as I was wanting to run a marathon, my boyfriend encouraged me to give Steve my mobile number (I must remember to thank him!) and look what happened. We ran away (well Steve limped due to his dodgy knee) and got married under a lemon tree in Spain. Our thoughts were with those of you recovering from the London Marathon which sadly we couldn’t run this year – but we enjoyed cheering you on.

Steve had much earned holiday to take from Oliver! So we left behind the world of Bill Sikes (terrorising small children and beating up Nancy) and spent two weeks in the sun being rather sweet actually. The Volcano made for a few nail biting days before hand! But the gods were on our side.

Our magical wedding was compact and bijou in the bougainvillea framed grounds of a stunning villa, just outside San Jose. We celebrated with family and a few close friends with a feast around the pool and a flood lit party into the night. Bliss bliss bliss.

Now with batteries re-charged and a new joie de vivre we can get our running heads back on and start training for a few races...my hubby’s injuries permitting!

See you all soon!!

Abby and Steven

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