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My 1st post...... Issues after chemo?

Scott C
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10 Oct 2014


I'm Scott. I'm 32 and from cleethorpes,

So this is my 1st post and I've been meaning to get to it for some time , but haven't ever been able to just sit and write about it, but now it just seems right...

So I'll start at the beginning. In May 2012 just after my birthday I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia  I spent most of 2012 in hospital, castle hill, just outside Hull.

We all know what happens in the hospitals I'm guessing so I won't bore on with it, but after almost a year of chemo I was told I was in remission and aloud to come home on xmas eve 2012. 

I still have check ups every 6 weeks and bone marrow biopsys every 12 weeks, I'm on the clinical trials. One of the main areas my chemo attacked was the lining of my mouth and gums. And this is what's brought me here today I guess, yesterday was awful wi my face swelling and have to visiting the dentist again for the same ulcer/abbess that keeps coming back since I finished chemo... It looks like now I'm going to have my 4 front teeth removed and a bridge placed in with fake teeth. This is really hit me hard and sent me right back to how much it still has control over my body. I lost my bait and that came back curly, but I quite like that. It's been nice to get new hair :) but new teeth. Painful and just meh

i just wondered if anyone else has had gum/teeth issues after chemo really? Sorry if that post doesn't make sense!



Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I actually had problems with my gums and cheek lining during my time on chemotherapy. I also had real problems being able to produce saliva.

The doctors advised that this was because the cells in my cheeks grow very quickly like cancer cells the chemotherapy is trying to kill off. The chemo is currently unable to distinguish between the two and the result is that your cells are damaged, leaving you very prone to infections.

I had to use swabs to brush my teeth as much as five times a day to reduce the likelihood of infections but was very fortunate that my chemo was limited to three days so didn't have any long term complications in regards to my teeth and gums.

My hair also changed and came back curly.

Really sorry to hear about your issues with your teeth and totally understand that this is something that's hard to come to terms with after everything that you've been through. I've developed a serious lung problem since my treatment which sometimes gets me down but what I keep coming back to is the fact that I'm still alive.

Good luck with the detnal work and all the best in future. 


Hey Andy.

Yeh th doctors to,d me the same. Thanks for the reply