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My first blog

Bill F
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07 Apr 2014

There is a couple of things you need to know about me.

1. I have not raised a lot of money for charity before, but always seem to be donating to support others

2. I do not do blogs, Facebook or spend too long through multiple media on devices contacting people

Those of you who know me have heard me talk of doing some Triathlons this year.

So with my dad recently being diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia and ultimately dying all within 6/7 weeks aged 76 I sat down and suddenly thought I should look to raise some money for Leukaemia Research by entering some Triathlons and a great big Sunday afternoon bike ride (aka Birmingham Bikeathon 100 miles)

Then by entering the bike ride, I suddenly found out that I will have to write a blog.

This is my first blog.

Those of you who do one and spend your life sharing moments with friends, family and occasionally strangers I applaud you because I find it all a bit daunting

Finally for my first blog, I want to mention the Bikeathon on 21 September and Warwickshire Triathlon on 28th September

In between these dates I celebrate my 50th birthday.  Not sure how much celebrating I will be doing after riding for 100 miles. I suggest most of it will be done whilst finding it difficult to sit down!

And to set the scene, on my swim this morning I was so slow that most of the time I had to give way to others, including my 10 yr old son!

Its going to be a long year..............


You can dontate towards my fundraising efforts for the bikeathon here.





Ellie Dawes

I have to say, this is an excellent first blog. Not all bikeathon riders have to blog, but we really love it when you do!

I'd recommend adding a link to your fundraising page in any blog posts you write, so that people reading this know where to go to donate and support you. I've added a link in for you above.

Very best of luck with the Bikeathon and your fundraising. I'm so sad to hear about your dad, very best wishes to you and your family. We really appreciate your support and the money you make will make a big difference to the lives of other blood cancer patients.



Well done on your first blog...I'd be just as daunted as you. Long time since I've seen you but I'm kept up to speed about you and the other Rugby fans by Kaz. Sorry to hear your news but can't praise you enough for the challenge you have taken on. I've been on the Bone Marrow register for 26yrs in the hope I can help someone just like your Dad, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough but until then supporting you is good enough for me. All the luck in the world and keep us posted.

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