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My First Blog

Rhiannon Sweeney
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04 Aug 2014


I've been a member of Winterton & District Branch for about 2 years now and each event, it has became a bigger part of my routine. I've always been fortunate enough to never have been affected by Leukaemia personally but I know of people who have. Recently someone reconmended I join the site and start a blog like them - At first I was apprehensive but then I thought "hang on", I talk a-lot especially about things I am passionate about, so why not give it a go, especially if it promotes the fundraising that the Winterton & District Branch do?

The Winterton & District Branch has been running for nearly 4 years now and earlier this year we realised we were close to hitting the £50,000 milestone which lead to the launch of our 50k campaign. After a little talent contest, our Winterton Show stall, Bungee Jump Event, Big Copper Count Up and many more events, we are proud to announce our total so far is £49,023.25 and counting! As we have exceeded all estimates and targets so far, the £50k target seems manageable and so close and so we set a date for our 50k Celebration Evening on Saturday 16th August where the Branch and local Community who have supported us can celebrate the milestone and look back at our work over the last 4 years.

Personally I've overcome a big fear of mine by doing a tandemn bungee jump during the Branch's Bungee Jump event earlier this month and whilst I'd like to say next time I'd rather stand on a stall, walk or stand with a collection tub to raise funds, it was one of most amazing yet scariest experiences and I ended up jumping again (this jump was scarier than the first). There were around 40 Jumpers that day including our Branch Co-ordinator Daniel, some who like me faced their fears and others who loved the leap, throwing themselves of the 175ft crane and turning into serial jumpers. Even those who decided to keep two feet firmly on the ground, helped raise funds by participating in the raffle and making generous donations. All in all it was a succesful day for all raising  £3,188.22 and counting!

Since that event we have held a charity collection and car wash raising £267.13 between them - With sponsers still coming in from the Bungee Jump. Our final event before Saturday 16th August is our 10mile Sponsered Walk from the North-Side of the Humber Bridge to the Butcher's Arms. On Wednesday 20th August, members of the Branch have been lucky enough to be given a tour around one of the research labs in Sheffield. On the tour there will be a series of talks from researchers at the Universty followed by a tour of the labs and a chance to meet the faces behind the ground breaking research. All in all it's fair to say it has been and will continue to be an exciting and fundraising filled Summer for the Branch.

Recently I considered something especially when I was feeling nervous about the Bungee Jump. People don't choose to get Leukaemia or Cancer and are scared but they still have to go through it and whilst it certainly isn't on the same scale as having Leukaemia, people who are fundraising to Beat Blood Cancer should realise this factor and do everything it takes even if their scared.

Hopefully this will be the first blog of many! We're always so grateful of everyone who supports our Branch. We won't stop until we beat Blood Cancer.



Hi Rhiannon, 

I've said this to Danny many times but will never tire in saying it to supporters - what you're doing is incredible and making a real difference to the lives of blood cancer patients and their families. If it wasn't for people like you I wouldn't still be here today as it's as a direct result of fundraisers that researchers made the advances in treatment which made my transplant a success.

Also have huge respect for you doing the bungee jump - I'm not sure I'd have been able to do that! Good luck with reaching the 50k, not that you need it, and keep up the good work!


Thankyou! Your support and comments are appreciated. I'm so glad to hear all the fundraising helps but I'm sorry you had to go through it. I very nearly didn;t jump the second time but I knew I had to.


Well done Rhiannon, a fantastic first blog and many more to come I hope! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication - without people like you our branch simply wouldn't be able to run as it does!

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