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My First Overnight Discharge

Rebecca J
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12 Jul 2014


I am very excited to be writing this FROM HOME, wrapped in my duvet on the sofa!
I have been discharged until Wednesday while we wait for my counts to go up so at six thirty last night we packed up all my stuff, over 9 plastic bags (how did that accumulate?!) and made our way out. The photo I've included is only about half of my stuff filling Lucy's backseat! It was a really sweet moment because Ed was granted home leave as well so Emily came to pick him up and they were carrying bags of stuff out at the same time, after weeks of being in hospital together it was nice to both be getting freedom, waving goodbye and calling out stuff down the corridor! 
I got home and went straight to lie on my bed as the car ride made me feel queasy and tired, then after being brought up dinner (princess much?!) I went downstairs and we had a normal night of watching TV.

Its so quiet here, compared to hospital where people are coming in and out of your room 24/7! I had such a good sleep last night- I didn’t realise how much I missed my duvet!
I still have to take hundreds of tablets each day, so my cabinet looks like a drug store right now!

Today mum and I went out in Bosham for a hot chocolate which was lovely, we sat on a bench soaking up the last of the sunshine and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. The black and white photo is the lovely view we had as we sat chatting. 

Now I’m back on the sofa watching Pride and Prejudice and using my iTunes vouchers!
Its so unbelievably lovely to be home even for a short time. I’m relaxing now as we have to be back in Southampton bright and early tomorrow, they are going to take my bloods and if they are good enough the second round of chemo will start but if not then I’ll be sent home again until Monday. Everything is so unpredictable and confusing! Well I must dash, Mr Darcy is calling…

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