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My first post - only 330 days to go!

Amie Shilan
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05 Oct 2014

Hello everyone, I have set myself the challenge to not drink AT ALL for a year! It's a crazy challenge and I do question why I went down this route but it's done, I am committed and I am doing this challenge.

It all started to save money and sort out my life a bit, I was spending a silly amount of money and jumping in cabs every weekend raking up something stupid in taxi bills! There are so many things I was meant to achieve by the time I was 30 that ....erm....I haven't and I strongly believe booze has a lot to do with that.

On Sunday 31st August the challenge took a change in direction when I came across an event organised by blood and it just clicked, I was going to do this not only for myself but to raise money for charity and here I am.

I am reading some amazing stories on the website and have come across Dom Goggins mahusive challenge and I want to get involved! 

More soon ....



Hi Amie,

What a great idea for a challenge! A year off drinking is quite an undertaking and I think you'll learn a lot from doing it. I took part in a week of fasting as part of Ramadan and I found that extremely rewarding. It made me appreciate food so much more, improved my self-discipline and made me realise that I am in a position where I can have food whenever I want.

Good luck with the challenge and thank you so much for doing it for us as a charity. I first got involved as a fundraiser having had leukaemia when I was younger and I cannot speak highly enough of the charity. They're funding some extraordinary research projects and are leading the way in beating blood cancer. Thanks again and good luck!


Thank you Andy! 

Messages like yours will defintely make it easier. Yes I am looking forward to see what I learn and how different I will see things. I am already mastering the art of patience. At least when things didn't happen before I could blame the hangover or just go to the pub and whinge about things not happening! Now there is no excuse :/ 

It is also nice to hear from people that have dealt with it first hand and have lived and breathed the support received from the charity and its research, it brings it home and makes me very adamant I will see this through :)

I dont think I could do a fasting challange though, even though it would be interesting. My little body needs its fuel. 

329 days to go! Hope to meet you at one of the events.