My 'Old Friend' Blood Cancer

24 Sep 2015

I wanted to share this brilliant poem with you, it's been written by Chris Gallon who is a Myelofibrosis patient from Blackpool, we met Chris through the Blackpool and Fylde Haematology Support Group. He has been on oral drugs for 9 years including most recently Ruxolitinib.

Chris has just had a stem cell transplant (Courtesy of his sister) and wrote the poem whilst in hospital. All the best with the transplant Chris and thank you for letting us share this very fitting poem as part of Blood Cancer awareness month.

My 'Old Friend' Blood Cancer

My body is weakened, and it ails a bit,
Contrast my mind, sharp and brimming with wit,
Sometimes my pain is laid bare for all to see,
Or not, as the case may be,
Like an Old Master hanging in the Louvre,
Life has painted my layers on, but I've nothing left to prove,
Hundreds daily pass me by, but just don't see beneath my top layer of paint,
Now I truly know I haven't lived my life like a Saint
But I've been mainly decent, honest,kind and true,
So I don't quite know how I came to deserve a 'Friend' like you.
When you behave we jolly along just fine
But when you flare up in anger you can be a total swine,
And when you are giving me a really hard day,
I shout out "I really do wish you'd go away" !!
Just so I could be my old self once more,
Without my old friend 'Blood Cancer' at my core.
But with it's twists and turns it oft sublimely let's me know,
It can come on for an encore but only to spoil the show,
So today I take a stand and roar:,
"Blood Cancer my long time friend, you may win a battle or two here and there,
But be assured you will not win the war. .

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