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My Ongoing Journey

Angela K
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26 Apr 2015

The 9th April 2013, will always be a day that I never forget. I had been ill for nearly a week, bed ridden with what we thought was flu. I'd never experienced flu before but wow this floored me. My husband Alan, was becoming more & more worried over the week & had called our GP out earlier in the week & also the emergency GP on the Sunday. The emergency GP didnt appear to be very knowledgeable & rang the local hospital. The next thing I knew I was being carried down the stairs & put into an ambulance. Once at the hospital the usual tests were carried out & as I was dehydrated a saline drip was attached to slowly go in over night. Alan was sent home around midnight worried sick.

It was a normal day in the hospital that Monday, and I had to wait until visiting to see anybody. I had my phone so atleast I could contact Alan when I needed to. My daughter Faye & my son Matthew came at visiting time & they said I looked a bit better.......must have been the saline drip they had put in. Alan hadn't managed to get to visiting as our little girl Alicia was under the weather. Visiting came to an end & I was just closing my eyes for a while when two doctors came to my bedside. They asked if they could have a chat & pulled the curtains around. The consultant asked if there was anybody with me who I needed, and it was at that moment when I thought something is wrong here.

The next 30 minutes or so were kind of a blur. I remember them saying they were certain I had leukaemia. I just felt my heart beating faster & faster. The doctor asked me questions & I know I answered them but I have no idea what any of them were. I remember saying that we had a cruise booked for our honeymoon & would I be ok to go on that, & when she said no is when I broke down. She asked if it was ok for her to ring Alan & tell him the news. I refused, that was my job, I wanted to be the one to tell him as I knew it would send his world crashing down. As predicted that happened but he had to pull himself together again quickly as his next job was to tell the children. That moment  is one that will also stay with him for the rest of his life, watching every one of my 4 older children crumble.

From that day on, the next 9 weeks were horrendous to say the least. Alan had to juggle home life & being my rock. I missed my children terribly as I could only see the eldest 2 & the younger 2 boys didn't really understand why they weren't allowed to visit me. Poor Alicia didn't understand anything at all & must have thought her mummy had abandoned her. All I could think of then was that I was going to miss out on most of Alicia's " first moments", from her walking properly, new shoes, talking properly. I was heartbroken.



Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for sharing the experience of your diagnosis with APL. It brought back memories of my own diagnosis which similarly I remember like it was yesterday.

I cannot believe it's been so long since Disney! I hope you're in good spirits and that Alan, Alicia and the boys are doing well. I will always remember playing Heads Up with you all on the train home and wish you all the best for the future.

Stay in touch and thanks so much for everything that you do to help us beat blood cancer.